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Pam Bell and Jim Wills

About us

What we are: Tasting Roomers is an online mapping and video website that focuses only on tasting rooms in Napa and Sonoma counties. It features a comprehensive and complete listing of all Tasting Rooms whether or not a winery is directly affiliated.

The mapping feature allows visitors a means of getting accurate information on each Tasting Room such as location, hours and phone number. There is also a live link to each tasting room or winery’s Website - making access to your business, and wine club purchases only two clicks away. The visitor to the wine country can use the Google maps feature to plan their exact route, make the most of their time and have a more enjoyable experience.

The video feature allows viewers from all over the world to sneak a peak inside your tasting room. We aim to produce videos with the viewer in mind, as if they themselves were walking through your doors. Pictures speak a thousand words and having a live video permits viewers to share in your enthusiasm and get a feel for the individuality of each place. We are not critics but rather promoters. Our videos will highlight the atmosphere, the architecture, the public usage areas such as picnic grounds, the seasons and of course, the Wine! These videos are for the visitor and the armchair traveler alike. Many people will see your videos who will never have a chance to visit the illustrious Wine Country however, these are the same people that eat out at restaurants, buy wines from their local shopkeepers and grocery stores and if their state allows it, they might even buy wine online. Name recognition is a valuable marketing tool and more and more people enjoy seeing the origins of the products they consume.

Note: In order to keep style, continuity and quality in tact, we only use videos that we produce. We retain all rights to ‘Tasting Roomers’ videos although you are welcome to put the video on your website. Tasting Roomers videos will be featured on our website and on our YouTube channel (we currently have over 527,000 viewers) where millions of viewers will have a chance of seeing “inside” your tasting room.

Why we are: We want to make a contribution to the ongoing success of small businesses and agricultural businesses in the area in which we live. We recognized an opportunity to provide both the visitor and the winemaker with a more direct connection to each other . We felt there was a lot of incomplete and inaccurate information our there and it needed to be updated, redirected and contained in a new way. We want to make it easy for the visitor to find their way around. We want to make the website both easy to use and entertaining - for those lucky enough to visit the wine country, but also for those who can only dream of it.

Who we are: We are a small team of people who care about the communities in which we live. We care about quality of life, the environment and “giving back.” We have diversified backgrounds including master web designer, two-time documentary filmmakers, international travel guide, marketing specialists and event producer.

What’s in it for you: TastingRoomers.com provides a FREE listing to all Sonoma & Napa tasting rooms (whether or not you are affiliated with a winery.) This listing includes name, location, hours, phone number and a live link to your website.

Reasonable Production Costs: We come to your site, we coach you on what we’re going to ask, we film your surroundings, we interview you or your staff, we taste some wine, we laugh, we leave. We return to our offices and during the production period, usually four weeks, we capture & edit your video. We tell the best story we can tell with the shortest amount of time (less than five minutes.) We add captions, music and text, post it for review - edit and then we upload it.

Qualified Consumers: We provided not only more exposure but better exposure. The only people looking at this site are those interested in wine and wine tasting. Why else come to a site with such specific information? And once they find out about TastingRoomers.com, why would they go anywhere else? We provide everything they need all in one place. The site will have a targeted audience as it’s roster of users and these eager consumers are your clients. You couldn’t ask for better exposure than this.

How we promote our Website: Tasting Roomers will be promoted online via search engine optimization, at wineries, hotels & restaurants, visitor centers, wine growers associations, through special events and through local and national media. We have also recently joined with a Sonoma County based newspaper, the Petaluma Post, and will be offering feature articles of one of the wineries on our site. Future plans for our video collection include syndication with national media outlets, a Tasting Roomer Short Film Festival and In-Flight video.

We hope this helps: We truly hope this information helps answer any questions you may have. Should you have any other questions or concerns please contact us.

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